What Do People Look For in Outdoor Spaces?

It’s about clarity and contrast. Many people want to look at something clear and far-reaching once in a while. After all, when we want to experience clarity, it really helps to look at something that’s empty and clear. Clear spaces also provide a…


Synthetic Turf Maintenance: Caring For Your Sports Field

Despite COVID-19 restrictions on sporting events and mass gatherings, sporting fixtures have started to open up again for play. The NRL season has recommenced, tennis is happening and spring is just around the corner. This means indoor soccer and cricket fields will soon…


How To Install Artificial Turf

Since its inception in the ‘60s, artificial turf, or synthetic turf, has become a popular option for home owners. Synthetic grass installation enhances the aesthetic value of their property and reduces time and saves money otherwise spent maintaining real lawn. Synthetic grass is…


How to Ensure Safety in Playgrounds for Children

Playgrounds are important for the children’s physical and cognitive development. It’s one of the places where they can be challenged, learn to cooperate and take risks, use and develop their imagination and socialise with friends. How to ensure safety in playgrounds for children…


Green Outdoors or Stylish Indoors?

Which one should you prioritise? Often we pay more attention to achieving a stylish indoor in our homes, apartments and commercial buildings. For example, perhaps we consider more than a dozen kitchen designs (including about the floors, counters, cabinets) before settling on one…


Why Do We Love Looking at the Vast Green?

There’s this savannah hypothesis where savannas aided in the evolution of humans as a bipedal species. It implies that as trees got fewer and rare in the landscape, early humans were forced to adapt and evolve. The result was they learned to stand…

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